Mary O’Meara

Concerning the last post: You can view those death certificates recently found by visiting the links on the right. That day I also found the name of Anthony Maguire’s second wife, which was Mary O’Meara. I still need to find census info and a death certificate for her.

MNHS Death Certs

Went to the Minnesota Historical Society. I found and copied the following: Death Certificates for Alvin H. Maguire, Scott Owen Maguire, and Martin Maguire. I also attempted to find Naturalization Papers for Anthony Maguire, who came over from Ireland. It was quite strange, his name was indexed in the book there, so I checked the reel listed. On the reel, I saw his name listed with a bunch of other names on about 2 pages at the beginning. There was no title, so I don’t know what those names were for. And following those pages, there were some pages of names with the pages numbers of where their papers could be found, Anthony was not in there. So either, I missed something while looking, or it’s possible that he never got full citizenship? Looks like I’ve got some more research to do. Also, I looked for divorce records of Bridget Cafferty and Anthony Maguire. I needed a ‘case file’ which I didn’t have, so I just had to browse the records that they had, which wasn’t a whole lot. I dug through this box full of really old envelopes, hoping to find their names on one: no luck. Maybe if I try the McLeod County Courthouse.