52 Ancestors: #4 Anna Clara Mochinski

Anna Clara Mochinski
Anna Maguire, 10 Nov. 1932, at her sister Stella’s wedding

This was my grandmother – Anna Clara Mochinski (Polish much?). She died at the age of 78 in a nursing home when I was 17. I don’t remember a single thing about her, and that makes me sad. The only things that I “remember” are the few stories that I’ve heard about her – and they’re not good stories. My grandfather and her were divorced when she was 60. I remember hearing that she left – went to Vegas and gambled away a bunch of money – then came back. That’s all I’ve got! I have no idea if that’s true, and sad thing is that there are plenty of living, breathing people that might be able to confirm or deny this, but I’ve just been too lazy and shy to go out and seek the answers.  I don’t remember visiting her as a child, or as a teen. Did I even? I must have. But why can’t I remember?

I like this photo, though. And I’ve never really looked at it as closely as I am looking at it now, as I’m writing this. It makes me want to know her more and seek out those answers. There’s got to be some good stories about her out there, too, right? And she’s kind of pretty, too, eh?

Also, I’m pretty sure I have her to thank for 42% of my AncestryDNA test results – the Eastern European bits.