This is Insane.

In my last post I mentioned a probate index I found at MNHS, with Anthony McGuire listed as “insanity of”, instead of “estate of”.  Around the time I found this record, a new genealogy question and answer site on a familiar/beloved/reputable network was being born.  Since this record confused the heck out of me, I posed my question the day the site when into beta.  I learned that Minnesota Probate courts handled some cases other than estate cases.  They sometimes handled insanity cases, guardianship cases, and more. Somehow, I need to see if I can get a hold of the “Insanity Books” for McLeod county, if they even still exist.  MNHS does not have them, so I’ve sent an email query off to the McLeod county probate courts.  We’ll see what I hear back from them.

I’ve gotta say though, if this really is my McG, I’m a bit surprised that he might be an “insane” person. Would they let an insane person own and operate a saloon? It sounds like it would have been a petition to have him declared insane, so maybe the attempt to commit him did not go through? Or maybe this isn’t my McG – maybe it’s his son of the same name? I don’t know what happened to him, and he doesn’t show up on censuses that I can find, so…maybe? Either way, it’s got to be one of the two; there weren’t many (any?) other McGuires in McLeod county at this time.  Oh how I want to get my hands on these court files.

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